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    7. hatem ibrahim   (2010-02-08 10:37 AM) E-mail

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    6. hatem ibrahim   (2010-02-08 10:16 AM) E-mail
    thank you

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    5. Amr Mohsen   (2010-02-02 1:03 PM) E-mail
    Dear Professor Kenawy,
    I read, with interest, your article "End of gravity on earth". I think the idea is plausible and is worth investigating.
    I hope that being based on Islamic faith wouldn't deter physicists of other beliefs. The issue should be studied in a purely scientific way.
    Thanks for bringing the idea to our attention.
    Amr Mohsen

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    4. Hesham Ashraf   (2010-01-06 3:27 PM)
    Dear Professor Kenawi,
    I believe that your website may qualify for the Al-Sabah Informatics Award which you now have advertised on your competitions page. Did you consider submitting your website for that award?

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    3. Dalia Ihab Younis   (2009-11-22 0:59 AM) E-mail
    Sorry for the misprint in my name, it's Dalia not Dali!
    A quick reminder: Suzan Elshafee's daughter and the code challenge.

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    2. Dali Ihab Younis   (2009-11-22 0:58 AM) E-mail
    With all due respect.. here's the code of your right-clickless website's main page. The code was too long for the message box to accept so I tried sending it to you via the 'contact us' page but the module was not installed. So feel free to email me if you need the full version smile

    Dad always told me: Locks are made for good people smile

    Dalia Ihab Younis

    <style type="text/css">.cAdBaMxECJn {z-index:9000;position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%} div > div.cAdBaMxECJn {position:fixed;} #adTextaMxECJn {position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;line-height:22px;background:#DDFBBF;}</style> <!--[if gte IE 5.5]><![if lt IE 9]><style type="text/css">div#aBarVaMxECJn {width:expression(((ignoreMe=(document.documentElement.clientWidth?document.docum entElement.clientWidth:document.body.clientWidth))

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    1. Amr Mohsen   (2009-11-10 1:45 PM) E-mail
    Dear Professor Kenawi,

    This questionnaire is about the treatment of Graves’ disease (primary thyrotoxicosis) in Egypt. It is intended only for scientific research purposes. The names and positions of participants will not be disclosed. Just follow the link (if not clickable, copy and paste to URL of your browser).

    It will lead you to the questions. I’d be grateful if you would take the time to answer them.

    Amr Mohsen
    Professor of Surgery, Cairo University

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