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    Twitter#Female Breast Self-Examination Free ebook: http://mmkenawi.ucoz.com then click the book cover Bilingual: English-Arabic - Bookshop price 5$

    Twitter#Egypt's car-crowded streets problem solved if small 4x4 cars as #Fiat's-Panda are made available. Your talent to convince Fiat

    Twitter#IrfanView will not recognize #arabic letters. To view images change name from arabic. Your talent to convince #Irfan to correct

    Twitter#NASA leap seconds to subtract from Earth atomic clocks to keep them synchronized to outer space clocks! See http://is.gd/tScbBj

    Twitter#Character counter (copy/paste) FREE download at http://is.gd/XvyebV Saves time/effort Beneficial in ordinary work and research projects

    TwitterEven better than Character counter (copy and paste) is #CountAnything (Words and characters) Download FREE is.gd/XvyebV

    TwitterAll roads lead to Cairo (EGYPT) then to Tahrir square. Do as the egyptians do. Visit Egypt. See http://is.gd/tO5XwX

    TwitterWhenever Google-translate is down (unavailable) use PROMT online translation FREE. Go to is.gd/f9nvdY Wide range of languages

    TwitterA MUST READ article on one of the non-malignant breast diseases simulating cancer and treated as such http://is.gd/9dwJys

    TwitterI am now on Twitter's: wefollow, the Twitter user-powered directory - for surgery, swimming, website design, education - February 1, 2012

    Twitter#AnonymousDA versus USDA&A THE FIRST DIGITAL WORLD WAR begins March 31st Winner? &A = and Associates See http://mmkenawi.ucoz.com/index/anonymous_digitized_army_versus_united_states/0-54

    TwitterThose interested in #Tablet PCs eg Acer Iconia 500 are welcome to read my article on customization and optimization of performance by #Apps


    TwitterSummer holidays land and sea travel soon: Acupressure for sea sickness etc. is useful knowledge. See http://www.homebackpainacupressure.com/acupressure-for-sea-sickness.html

    TwitterTo boost #tourism in Egypt: cancel ex-Minister's decree Minister should re-allow 50% reduction for internal tourism cost

    TwitterCongratulations #egyptians on the atmosphere you created for the poll Proud of the elections Allah bless the President

    Twittersyngo fastView from SIEMENS to view digital x-rays .dicom, .dcm images FREE DOWNLOAD with Basic Steps PDF Guide from http://mmkenawi.ucoz.com/index/surgical_radiology/0-16

    TwitterI thank Allah for being nominated by final year students as the Ideal Professor. Thank you students. Certificate at http://mmkenawi.ucoz.com/3/Ideal_Professor.jpg

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