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    Egyptian Revolution January 25, 2011

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    Supporters of the January 25, 2011 Egyptian Revolution
    رموز من الثورة المصرية فى ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١١
    Khaled Mohammad SaeidActivist Asmaa MahfouzEngineer Wael GhoneimDina Abdallah ActivistIsraa Abdel Fattah ActivistEngineer Ahmad MaherAccountant Jawad Nabulsi
    Activist Khaled El-SayedActivist Mahmoud SalemActivist Abdel Moneim ImamDoctor Moustafa El-NaggarActivist Khaled KamelActivist Mahmoud Samy
    Its chaos? Khaled's rights are Egypt's rights

    Detectives' State

    How were the egyptians made corrupt (1974-2010)

    Tunisian style revolt
    You are next
    Police Day, Egypt January 25, 2011

    No silence after today
    Publication license compulsory
    Youth Revolt January 25, 2011

    The sky is the limitApril 6, Youth


    January 25 Revolution until victory

until victory

    Just Leave
    Peaceful Egyptian Revolution that started on January 25, 2011   الثورة المصرية السلمية التى بدأت فى ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١١
    (A view from Tahrir square   منظر من ميدان التحرير)

    Aly Baba and the forty thousand thieves!
    (A view from Kasr El-Nil Bridge, leading to Tahrir Square   منظر من كوبرى قصر النيل المؤدى إلى ميدان التحرير)

    We want a FREE Egypt

    People's revolution - January, 25th

    Egypt's 1 million march, Friday January 28, 2011

    Baton & metal bar wielding paid thugs on camels and horses
    موقعة الجمل بميدان التحرير يوم الأربعآء ٢ فبراير ٢٠١١، وهى الثانية فى التاريخ العربى بهذا الاسم
    (وقعت موقعة الجمل السابقة فى خلافة الإمام على بن أبى طالب)
    Battle of "the Camel" in Tahrir Square on Wednesday, February 2, 2011
    (Batons & metal bars wielded by paid thugs, on camels and horses, attacking the peaceful unarmed protestors)
    Baton & metal bar wielding paid thugs on horses

    Al-Shohadaa Square (Martyr's Square, Tahrir Square, Liberation Square)
    Al-Shohadaa Square (Martyr's Square, Tahrir Square, Liberation Square)

    We will not leave

    We love Egypt

    Making violent revolution inevitable

    Muslims and christians unified in revolt
    المسلمون والمسيحيون متحدون فى ثورتهم
    Muslims and christians unified in revolt (wearing antitear-gas masks)

    Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
    Army Tank and Citizens near Tahrir Square

    تنحى الرئيس يوم الجمعة ١١ فبراير ٢٠١١ مسآءً، وكان ذلك انتصاراً لإرادة الثورة
    On Friday night February 11, 2011 the President stepped down. His resignation was a victory to the revolution.
    Millions of Egyptians Celebrate Victory in Tahrir Square
    Millions of Egyptians Celebrate Victory in Tahrir Square - 2
    ملايين المصريين بميدان الشهدآء (ميدان التحرير) يحتفلون بإنتصار ثورة الشباب
    Millions of Egyptians in Tahrir Square Celebrating the Victory of the Youth Revolution

    May the Martyrs rest in peace: Egypt is now truly free
    May the Martyrs Rest in Peace
    Martyr Moustafa El-SawyMartyr Mohammad Emad HusseinMartyr Hussein TahaMartyr Islam BakirMartyr Ahmad Ehab
    Islam RaefatSally Magdy ZahranMohammad Abdel-Moneim HassaneinSeif-Allah MoustafaAmr Gharib
    Martyr Karim BanounaMartyr Ahmad BassiounyMohammad MahrousTarek Osama NourMohammad Rashed
    Tarek Abdel-Latif

    Heroes of the egyptian 2011 revolution

    Egyptians in the heart of their army

    The Generation Changing the World

    Proud to be an Egyptian
    Lift your head high up • • • You're an Egyptian
    إرفع رأسك فوق • • • إنت مصرى
    Egypt is your country from January 25, 2011

    Al-Ahram Logo
    As if in a daydream
    Poem by Mohammad Ibrahim Abou-Senna
    In tribute to the peaceful Rebels of January 25, 2011
    Poem: As if in a Daydream

    Al-Ahram LogoDate - March,11 2011
    Unprecedented Revolt Erases Aged System
    Ibrahim Hegazi - Author
    Unprecedented Revolt Erases Aged System - Article

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Legend of Army which cannot be defeated

    Dont fight on behalf of people but with them

    The police and the people. All for Egypt

    Hosni Mubarak's Reign in Egypt

    Privatization Crime to Sell Egypt's Wealth
    Grey backgroundAmbassador Mrs. Mervat El-TellawiGrey background
    Reasons for Collapse of Mubarak's Regime

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Date of Al-Ahram Newspaper
    Brigadier General Ayman Fahmy's Verdict

    Establishing corruption culture
    What remained for egyptians-1
    What remained for egyptians-2
    Return of ElShaab Newspaper (Title only)

    Destiny illustrated

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Friday 7th Nov 2014
    AbdElKader Yassin PhotoAbdElKader Yassin
    Powerful Arab State
    Centenary of Arab Misfortune
    NOt a Revolution but Outraged Movements

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Saturday 17th May 2014
    Bahgat Othman-1
    Bahgat Othman-2
    Bahgat Othman-3
    Bahgat Othman-4

    Worldwide spread of the egyptian revolutionary spirit
    Union of all these revolutionary movements
    is now universally desired for mutual support:

    American demonstrators in Wall street
    'Occupy Wall street' Movement in the USA

    English demonstrators in London
    'Stop cuts in Education Funding' Movement in the UK

    Allah be our Protector
    The Great Deception
    Preparations for a new middle east war
    Learn useful lessons from history
    Prevent victory of evil
    Revolution of the egyptian people
    No coincidences in the world of politics
    George Soros


    Symbol is Leave

    الإنتخابات قادمة إن شآء الله
    For the sake of Egypt
    Search by yourself
    Be unbiased
    Do not be fully confident in the media
    Question integrity of everyone before vote

    Political Parties in Egypt (Postrevolution)
    Post-revolution Political Parties in Egypt

    Wafd party

    Democratic Front party

    The Awareness party

    Justice party

    Tomorrow's Liberal party

    The Free Egypt party

    Egypt Freedom party

    Egyptian Democratic party

    Egyptian Sheite party

    Democratic Union for sake of Egypt

    Freedom and Justice party

    Al_Nour political party

    Egyptian lobby
    High_treason -1
    The Free Egyptians party
    B.High_treason -1
    Egyptian Democratic Social party

    Conglomeration party

    Socialist Communist parties

    Peoples socialist union party

    Revolutionary Socialist Alternative party

    Masonic egyptian revolutionists party

    Democratic labour party

    Superior council for elections

    Election Lists search

    Freedom and Justice party flag

    Your voice counts

    and the Army too!Long live the people

    EGYPT Between Two Eras
    The difference between Dictatorship and Democracy:
    Egypt between two eras
    Difference between Democracy and Dictatorship

    Elections under dictatorship (2010)
    Elections under dictatorship (2010)

    Democratic elections (2011)
    Democratic elections (2011)

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Democracy is the winner!

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Allah let our good persons rule

    I will not betray Allah concerning you

    ACharisma-1Mahmoud Hamed Al-Sherif

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