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    Prayer Times
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    Salaat Time Islamic Application gives you the time of the five daily Muslim prayers as well as the Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world. It rests in the system tray and at the calculated times the Athan is heard. Click the photograph below
    Salaat Time

    Allah - God
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    BOOK 1

    Click Here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Tajweed-Book-Coloured-Text.pdf"Click For Download

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    Al-Kuraan (Quran) Thumbnail Image

    Al-Kuraan (Quran) Text Search

    Al-Kuraan (Quran) Text Search
    After downloading the program double-click its icon to open it. Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' on the keyboard. In the box that opens, type the word, or part of an Aya to have Word find it for you. Click 'Find Next' again (or press 'Enter') to search for other identical words. You can use Writer instead of Microsoft Word to do the search (see Open Office below).

    Recited by Sheikh 'Mohammad Sedeek El-Menshawy'
    Quran mp3

    Quran Miracles Encyclopedia
    Quran Miracles Encyclopedia
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    BOOK 2

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    Efficiency at Work

    Kuraan-Mohammad Verses
    In the Name of God (Allah), the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
    Kuraan-Mohammad Verse38
    ProphetsWords Termthi-1
    Prophets Words Termthi-2
    Prophet sWords_Termthi-3
    Prophets Words_Termthi-4
    Prophets Words_Termthi-5

    NEW animated
    Get KENAWI'S SEARCH TOOLBAR (v7.9) for INTERNET EXPLORER (v5 or higher). It is A MUST for those with advanced knowledge in world politics and comparative religious studies. It is customizable and facilitates simple and comfortable web browsing. It is also possible to do the search in arabic (Press ALT and SHIFT etc on the keyboard). N.B. If you have an older version of Kenawi's Search Toolbar UNINSTAL it before you INSTAL the newer version. If you get an ALERT pop-up message: your download is INCOMPLETE. CLICK THE LOGO BELOW (FREE DOWNLOAD):
    Kenawi's Search Toolbar

    Maknoon Islamic Inheritance Calculator
    Maknoon Calculator Icon
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    BOOK 3
    Al-islam (Islamic Religion)
    Ministry of Islamic Affairs (KSA)
    Rules of Inheritance
    Author of Rules of Inheritance

    BOOK 4
    Islamic Economics

    BOOKS 5 - 312 & more
    إختار الكتب الإسلامية التى ترغبها
    بداية الخلق ونهايته
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    الدعوة إلى الله
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    الإسلام والعمل الإسلامي
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    أسماء الله الحسنى
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    الأحاديث النبوية
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    السيرة النبوية
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    الوعظ والإرشاد
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    الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر
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    الأحكام والأصول
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    الصراط المستقيم
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    الخلاف والغلو
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    خطبة الجمعة
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    الصحابة والأئمة
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    أهل الذكر وأهل الغربة
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    الحياة السعيدة والأرحام
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    الإرهاب العالمي
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    القنوات الفضائية
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    أشراط الساعة
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    Quran MP3 Net

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Date of Al-Ahram Newspaper
    Art of reciting the Quraan (Kur'aan)

    Al-Ahram Logo
    Date of Al-Ahram Newspaper
    All People Are Brothers

    Yassin Roushdy of Al-Mouassa Islamic Society

    Thursday 26th June 2015

    Victories in the month of Ramadan


    N.B. If you do not have ADOBE ACROBAT READER which is necessary to read PDF files then click the logo below (FREE DOWNLOAD):
    Adobe Acrobat ReaderClick For PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Reader Download

    Open Office v2.2.1 is a multi-facility office tool. It includes Writer: a word processor that you can use for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book. You can choose it to be the default for opening Microsoft Word documents.
    Click below for a FREE DOWNLOAD:
    Open Office

    To create PDF files from text documents (eg Microsoft Word Document) and other file types use CutePDF. Click the logo below


    SomePDF Image Extract is an easy to use tool which will extract images from pdf files to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, PBM, PPM, PCX. It does NOT need Adobe PDF software support. It supports PDF1.6 protocol, encrypted PDF files, drag and drop for files, and batch conversion. Supports Windows platforms: NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Click the logo below

    Image Extract

    PDFTools is a PDF management application. It can split, join, rearrange, stamp, encrypt, and decrypt a PDF file. It includes a very powerful and simple to use XML to PDF converter. It needs Java Runtime Environment to work. Click the logo below

    PDF Tools

    To compress PDF files and reduce the actual size of PDF documents to the smallest possible size use PDF Compressor v1.12. It can also decompress (expand) any PDF file to its original size for better conversion from PDF to other formats. Click the logo below

    PDF Compressor

    Free PDF to WORD Converter is a high speed converter of all the pages, or several pages (at your will), of a PDF file to Microsoft WORD preserving the original layout of the PDF file. Adjustable to automatically open the output .doc file when the conversion is done and allowing you to extract text labels, graphics, shapes, and images. It is a standalone program: you can convert PDF to WORD without Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft WORD being installed in your computer! Click below for a FREE DOWNLOAD:

    Free PDF to Word Converter

    To save flash animations & movies from Internet Explorer (IE) and IE-based browsers
    (SlimBrowser [FlashPeak], Avant Browser, Maxthon, MyIE, etc) use the Flash Saving Plugin. Click the logo below
    Flash Saving Plugin
    Note 1. If your browser is IE, then a button is added to the IE toolbar. If the button cannot be seen after installing, then click "View", point to "Toolbars", click "Customize", look for the Flash button under "Available toolbar buttons", click on the "Flash" button, then click on "Add", then finally click "Close". In IE-based browsers a button is not added; just right click anywhere on the web page (but not on a Flash movie!) for the "Save Flash" menu to appear.
    Note 2. SWF Cache Viewer comes with this Flash Saving Plugin. It allows viewing Flash movies in the IE and Mozilla Firefox cache. This comes in handy when a Flash movie is displayed in a pop-up window without the toolbar, thus making it impossible to use the button or the menu command.

    Play flash animations & movies on your computer with Baby Flash Player enjoying all the facilities of video players (eg pause, resume, etc). To grab an image: From the left pane of the Baby Flash Player select the flash file you are viewing. Pause the Player at the image you want. Click the Flash Tool on the Menu bar. In the "Flash Tool Dialog box" select the output folder. Click "Start". In case of difficulty: use the MWSnap3 camera (below) to get the image. Click the logo below (FREE DOWNLOAD):
    Baby Flash Player

    To DOWNLOAD at 400% your download speed, and
    to RESUME INTERRUPTED DOWNLOADS without loss of initial download use Star Downloader. Click the logo below (FREE DOWNLOAD):
    Star Downloader

    To Unzip or to Create Zip Files use the CoffeeCup Zip. Click the logo below


    A superb Image and Photo Viewer, Resizer, Editor, and much more is the IRFAN VIEW. Click the logo below
    Irfan View

    To Create Animated GIF use UnFreez. Click the logo below

    To Create photos from the desktop, an open window, or any specified part of the screen you choose with, if you wish, a frame or an arrow(s) use the superb virtual camera MWSnap3. It can take only one shot at a time which you lose if you do not save before the next shot. Click the logo below
    MWSnap3 Logo

    To Create photos as above, with if you wish, an arrow use the virtual camera ScreenRip32. It can take multiple consecutive shots so that you do not have to interrupt your work to save each shot before proceeding to the next. You may add a frame etc by opening the photo in MWSnap. Click the icon below
    ScreenRip32 Logo

    HyperCam version 2, a product of Hyperionics, is now offered free for world-wide private and commercial use. It captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it to an AVI movie (Audio-Video Interleaved). You may select a region or the whole window. Sound is also recorded. Click the icon below
    HyperCam Screen Recorder Logo        HyperCam Screen Recorder Logo        HyperCam Screen Recorder Logo
    Server 1           Server 2          Server 3
    for 32-bit         for 32-bit        for 64-bit

    To Create Web Buttons for your Website use FreeWebButtons. Click the logo below

    Click below to DOWNLOAD
    Arabic Fonts Logo      SIL International Logo      Pakistan Data Management Systems Logo

    Quranic Font (HQPB1-5) الفُنط القرآني
    HARF Company Logo

    To install the fonts downloaded from above use the AMP Font Viewer which is a powerful font manager. It allows getting an overview of installed fonts and it can install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories.
    For a FREE DOWNLOAD click below:
    AMP Font Viewer

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