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    Students' & Continuing Postgraduate Surgical Education

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    & Continuing Postgraduate


    Surgery Courses

    Books Recommended:

    Kenawi's "SPOTLIGHTS ON SURGERY" series:

    History Taking and Clinical Examination

    General Surgery

    Systematic Surgery

    Orthopaedics, Fractures and Joint Injuries

    Operative Surgery

    Surgical Radiology

    Surgical Pathology

    Surgical Instruments

    Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Surgery

    MCQ and Model Answers


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    Continuing Medical Education
    (Continuing Medical Education)

         Online CME
    The Oncologist CME

    Society For Translation Oncology

    Paediatric Surgery
         What is your diagnosis? Click the photograph for Q & A (Questions and Answers)
    Imperforate Hymen

    Florida Gulf Coast UniversityTechnology Skills Orientation
    Select your choice of tutorials from the list below:

    Oncology Update
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    Open Access JournalsSURGICAL JOURNALS withFree Full TextARTICLES. Click the button BELOW:
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    Open Access JournalsSURGICAL FREE ARTICLES relevant to postgraduate studies . Click the button:
    Surgical Free Articles

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