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    Unna's Paste

    Experience with Unna's paste over a period of 43 years has shown that it has great healing properties for patients

    with chronic leg ulcers from different causes apart from ischaemic ulcers.
    The paste may be used without preparation or following warming. It may be direcly applied to the ulcer and then the
    ulcer is dressed or the paste may be applied to the dressing first. This latter is mandatory if the paste is
    warmed before being applied.
    The dressing is wrapped by an elastic pressure bandage and left for a variable period usually 5 days to a week;
    but it may be removed after 3 days or be left for upto 10 days. The choice depends on the degree of infection
    present and the size of the ulcer. Larger ulcers and those with more severe infection require dressings at shorter

    The constituents of the paste are published in the British Pharmacopaeia 1948, page 211

    (It consists essentially of zinc oxide and glycerine):

    [Gelat. Zinc.]
    Gelatin of Zinc
    Synonym.    Unna's Paste.
      Zinc oxide, finely sifted    .        .        .        .        .    150 g.
      Gelatin, cut small   .         .        .        .        .        .    150 g.
      Glycerin       .        .         .        .        .        .        .    350 g.
        Distilled Water       .         .        .        .        .        .    350 ml.
    or a sufficient quantity
      Soak the Gelatin in the Distilled Water, until thoroughly softened;
    add the Glycerin, and heat on a water bath, until the Gelatin is dis-
    solved;   adjust the weight if necessary, to 850g. by the addition of
    Distilled Water.   Incorporate the Zinc Oxide,  and stir,  until about
    to set.

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