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    mmKenawi surgical education & general website

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
    What Allah wills

    Specialization is for Insects
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    mmKenawi's continuing surgical education & general website

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    Proud To Be An EgyptianWebmaster:

    Professor M.M.Kenawi

    Senior Professor of Surgery (f)

    Faculty of Medicine,Professor M M Kenawi's personal photograph

    Cairo University

    Cairo, EGYPT

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    Did You Back Up?

    Customizing Acer Iconia Tab 500
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Effervescent Carbonated Cola Drinks Are Genuine Bone Gobblers
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Laptops Without A Modem Jack
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Forcing a Download Dialog Without Using PHP or ASP
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Hello! article below is excellent
    Cracking the Einstein Code
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Acceleration of Time on Earth Has Begun
    Professor M M Kenawi

    Collision of the Sun and the Moon
    Professor M M Kenawi


    Famous Egyptian Newspapers, Magazines, and News Agencies

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    Supporters of the January 25, 2011 Egyptian Revolution
    رموز من الثورة المصرية فى ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١١
    Khaled Mohammad SaeidActivist Asmaa MahfouzEngineer Wael GhoneimDina Abdallah ActivistIsraa Abdel Fattah ActivistEngineer Ahmad MaherAccountant Jawad Nabulsi
    Activist Khaled El-SayedActivist Mahmoud SalemActivist Abdel Moneim ImamDoctor Moustafa El-NaggarActivist Khaled KamelActivist Mahmoud Samy
    Youth Revolt January 25, 2011


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